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Small Ballistic Shield

Small Ballistic Shield

The MARS Armor ballistic shield provides comfortable front protection incorporating the latest materials and technology. The lightweight design of the shield ensures high mobility.



Standard features

  • Heat-sealed, waterproofed ballistic outer cover
  • Multi-use shield technology – firearms can be deployed from right and left sides
  • Better peripheral vision
  • Easier long gun deployment – standing, kneeling, prone position
  • Polyamide handle
  • Special shape – reduced exposure of head and arms
  • Ergonomically designed to be carried for extended periods without fatigue
  • Thick high density foam pad
  • Dimensions of shield, mm: 495×615
  • Thickness: ≤ 22mm
  • Protection level options: IIIA; IIIA+; III; III+, NIJ 0108.01
  • Weight: depends on the level of protection
  • Optional feature: integrated FoxFury shield light: Taker B10, B30 or B50
  • Custom colors