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Lightweight EOD/C-IED and tactical ensembles

Lightweight EOD/C-IED and tactical ensembles

Our LPS-475 suit is the ideal choice for any kind of search missions including K9-operations.

The modular design offers different wearing options. The detachable chest plates are available in two different levels of protection.

It is also possible to up-grade the suit with hard-ballistic inserts.

Many years of experience and comprehensive feedback by users from around the world have resulted in this suit.


Special Features

  • very good ballistic protection
  • low weight
  • good mobility
  • good field of vision
  • very good fit
  • efficient emergency quick release system
  • compatibility to various communication devices
  • compatibility to diverse CBRNe
  • comprehensive accessories
  • NATO-Stock-Numbers


The suit offers the a very good level of protection against the effects of a detonation:

  • Blast wave
  • Fragmentation
  • Heat and flames

All tests are performed continuously at independent testing laboratories according to national and international standards and norms.

Sizes, colours and product modifications

The suit is available in different colours and sizes.

Customer specific product modifications can be realized upon customer request.

Service and spare parts

We offer competent services and spare parts for our national and international customers.


A comprehensive range of accessories is available for the suit. Further information can be found here.


Besides the training for our own products we also offer further training and training courses to our customers. We are happy to advise you.