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Dragon Runner 20

Dragon Runner 20

Small Unmanned Ground Robots

Our family of Dragon Runner® robots provide world class support to military forces and first responders. These easily transportable systems have support dangerous missions in some of the most hazardous conditions and terrains found on earth. All Dragon Runners can be hand carried or transported inside a rucksack, and both can be remotely operated from many hundreds of meters away, providing protection and safety to their operators. Dragon Runners are available in two sizes, detailed below:

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Small Unmanned Ground Robot

Small and lightweight, yet rugged and feature-packed, the Dragon Runner 20 (DR-20) is a highly specialized and mobile robot designed to provide situational awareness, safety and support for reconnaissance, security, inspection and IED missions.

The mission dictates exactly how the DR-20 will be used – making it the perfect choice for defense and security applications especially in congested urban settings. Whether it’s at a security checkpoint, deep inside a sewer or drainpipe or tasked with an EOD mission, the DR-20 supports a wide range of scenarios. At 20 pounds, the DR-20 can be hand carried by one person and easily deployed.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides situational awareness and safety
  • Protects against dangerous situations
  • Supports infantry missions and ground operations
  • Multi-mission
  • Interrogation capable
  • Rugged and flexible
  • Lightweight and reliable